Baška with its long tourist tradition is the most visited resort on the island of Krk. Baška offers accommodation in the camps, hotels or rooms and apartments in the family houses located close to undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic.


About thirty pebble beaches facing the crystal clear sea await you in Baška.

One of the region’s most attractive locations is undoubtedly the beach of Vela Plaža, the most popular with those who come to swim in the area. It is 1,800 metres (1.1. mi) long and faces a crystal-clear sea. Besides Vela Plaža, Baška is also home to more than thirty beaches; the most famous of these are the ones near the bays of Vela Luka and Mala Luka, the FKK Bunculuka beach, the beaches of Konjska, Vrženica, Jablanovo, Storišće, and Dubna and beaches on the small island Prvić, that is situated in front of Baška. While many beaches may be reached on foot, some require a boat or taxi boat ride; however, those allow better enjoyment of the peace and quiet.


Baška has a long historical heritage, rich culture and enchanting untouched nature with over 90 kilometer of marked tracks with views of the Baška valley. Whether you’re a fan of trekking, running, cycling, climbing, diving, sailing or you prefer to spend your time in nature in other ways, the landscape of Baška is here to provide unforgettable scenery for your experience.

Here are some recommended activities, attractions and cultural sights that you can visit by coming to Baška:

Hiking trails
  • “Path to the Moon” trail
  • Educational trail
  • Uplands
  • Multicellular Sheepfolds
  • Prvić Island
  • Kuntrep
  • Baška aquarium
  • Baška tablet
  • Baška’s Heritage Museum
  • Zvonimir Gallery


During the summer Baška is really live.
Some events to get your eye on:

Crna ovca

Baška outdoor festival

Big guitar festival